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Time to Rehash CodeMash (2012), Conference Video on InfoQ

It’s that time of the year when software developers, mostly in Ohio, Michigan and the surrounding states but all throughout the country too, start getting ready for CodeMash. The call for talk abstracts has already opened and runs through September 15th and the conference organizers are now also taking on sponsors. So if you are endowed with either the talent and desire to speak at CodeMash or the capital to help underwrite it, we encourage you to do so, heartily. Otherwise, all of you eager would-be attendees (you know it’s going to be a mad rush at registration again) can get ready by watching the suite of videos from the 2012 conference that have been uploaded to InfoQ.

If you go looking on InfoQ for the videos you might have a little trouble being sure that you’ve found them all. Unfortunately, the site does not provide a convenient means of finding videos by conference. However, searching for “codemash” produces this page, http://www.infoq.com/codemash,  which appears to be as complete a list as you can get. The last time I hit that link it showed that the newest video, uploaded on June 18th, 2012, is “Erlang for C# Developers” and there were a total of 17 videos listed.  I’m not sure how many videos were recorded in total or if the plan is to upload all of them to InfoQ.

So if you got to the registration page too late this year or you just need to revisit one of your favorite sessions, head over to InfoQ and rehash CodeMash.

And not that you should be surprised, but the infamous Ted Neward keynote is not on InfoQ. Nonetheless, the thoroughly entertaining keynote from the multi-talented Barry Hawkins is there (and below) for your edification.

Barry Hawkins Keynote @ CodeMash 2012


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