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Guest Post: Celebrating Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Central Ohio IT Community

Today we have a new guest post for you from Steve Gruetter of Expedient. Steve is an active and well known force in the Columbus, Ohio IT community.

In the current economic climate, with bad news being delivered nearly every day, the time seems right to spotlight what is positive in the Central Ohio IT community.  Our community has been blessed with tools that encourage entrepreneurs to create new and better ways of doing business in technology; TechColumbus and the numerous seed funds offered through their organization, TechLifeOhio and their ability to create awareness about particular firms and events, Ohio State, Battelle and the local city governments and their willingness to invest to grow our community; the State of Ohio and their various Third Frontier initiatives.

The net result is more jobs and more opportunities for wealth creation in our community. Arguably, the most successful local firm to emerge has been CallCopy, a contact center software firm based in downtown Columbus. CallCopy, launched in 2005 at TechColumbus, is committed to creating a better way to gather business intelligence around the contact center experience in order to drive end-user client satisfaction.  Today, CallCopy has grown to over 150 employees, and has customers in 37 countries. CallCopy was recently recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Workforce Optimization.

The success of CallCopy validates the entrepreneurship model and encourages others in our local market to launch technology businesses of their own. Steve Gruetter of Expedient – who has worked with CallCopy since its beginning – comments

This is what the model of success looks like for an entrepreneur in our industry… a great idea, commitment of time and energy, continued smart choices, continued commitment to quality, continued growth.  I know that the Central Ohio IT community is a better place with CallCopy in it.

CallCopy  chief information officer Ray Bohac states

One of the key aspects to growth is accurate anticipation of risk, reward and investment. We enjoy working with Steve and the team at Expedient because we get the reliability and flexibility that we need to grow our various lines of business in a smart fashion… and also have the scalability to ramp quickly when we find something is working well for us and our clients. Our customers demand excellence from us and with Expedient we’re able to meet that demand.

To learn more about CallCopy and their growth, please see http://www.callcopy.com/ and to learn about Expedient in Central Ohio, please see http://www.expedient.com/products/columbus-data-center.php


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