About Us

Mashed Code Magazine is a free journal specially made for the dedicated software developer in Michigan and Ohio. There is a burgeoning wealth of developer talent in this area–we find and highlight that talent.

In each issue, up-and-coming technologists who live and work in this region of the United States share their latest opinions with you, walk you through a new framework, API or language or share a case study of what they’re doing on their latest project. There is no restriction on platform or programming language–all technologies are welcome.

Mashed Code Magazine is also a tool for communication between local programmers and programmer groups–formal and informal user groups, conference organizers and non-profits. To help enrich that communication, regional organizations that are working to help software developers are a frequent centerpiece as well.


The goal of Mashed Code Magazine is to deliver a serious journal of programming knowledge to dedicated software developers at no cost. There are many, many superior developers in this geographic area that may not have access to being published in books and national journals and magazines yet are on their way there. This magazine gives those aspirants access to a mechanism for sharing their knowledge with local peers.

Even though we focus on local talent, we’ll balance that occasionally with notable guest authors from outside the region. In that past, we’ve published articles from nationally recognized authorities such as Andy Hunt.


Mashed Code Magazine is free but supported by advertising. Rather than just hoard all the advertising money, we use the money to support the software development community in Michigan and Ohio. We do that by sponsoring user group meetings and local conferences. We also offer reduced cost advertising to local non-profits that support programmers. Even better, local user groups are always welcome to advertise for free.


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