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Over, and Out

After far too much neglect, I realize that it is time to officially put Mashed Code Magazine as a living entity to rest. There are, of course, many excuses for this but don’t worry, I won’t make you suffer through them. The gist is that I only ever intended to keep the magazine going so long as it was a joy to work with. Unfortunately, as soon as I tried to turn it into a real periodical, the fun died—along with my interest. So I sincerely hope that those who read the precious few issues we published enjoyed them and learned from what they read. It was a pleasure to contribute to the software development community in my own, small way. Thanks for reading.

In writing this, it does occur to me that I probably never properly thanked the people who helped make the published issues a success. Unless you have published your own magazine, you have no idea how much work it takes to finish. So here goes, in the order that my shoddy memory produces them, thanks to…

Matt Darby – for all kinds of technical support and, most importantly, the awesome name,

Jason Gurik – for working through the first tribulations in attempting to make the magazine a real entity,

Jason Gilmore – for offering slices of his precious time and his venerable publishing expertise as well as helping us work with the CodeMash foks,

Jim Holmes and Dianne Marsh – for graciously allowing the magazine to contribute to the CodeMash conference in 2011 and 2012,

Sara Smith & Sarah Allgire – for producing a professional quality look and layout for all three issues,

Carin Meier – for being my champion of authors and actually producing publishable work based off of my off-the-wall requests,

Matt Casto and Michael Letterle – for volunteering and helping out with various parts of various issues,

everyone who contributed content – for contributing content that displayed the ridiculously great talent in our area and doing it free-of-charge,

everyone who picked up a copy – for showing that there is a committed community of software developers out there, with an appetite for more knowledge,

companies that sponsored us – for enabling 400 hard-copies of the magazine to be printed and distributed at the 2012 CodeMash conference.

Thanks again!

Nick Watts


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