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Poetry and Programming A Good YouTube Video Make

Not of a local nature, but something that all of you developers will enjoy anyway – Tim Berglund and his thoroughly entertaining video productions for programmers. In May of 2011, Tim produced the poetic video Oh, the Methods You’ll Compose; an ode to the composed method pattern as first presented by Kent Beck. Earlier this month, Tim debuted his latest poetic monologue: The Maven. This new piece re-words the famous work The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe and, as you might have guessed, takes some shots at the interminably opinionated Java build tool Maven.

Both videos show not only Tim’s intellectual prowess but his extensive skill in understanding deep technical topics and then conveying them creatively and effectively. In fact, Tim has been able to use that talent for the more practical purpose of teaching Git and Gradle with cohort Matthew McCullough for O’Reilly.

Enjoy the videos below.

I’m sure that some of you Ohio/Michigan devs are using your imagination and creativity too to teach to the programmer community. If so, promote yourself (or your friends and co-workers) and let us know about it the comments section below.


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CocoaConf: An iPhone/iPad/Mac Developer Treat

Presentations on timely programming techniques blended with up-to-date iOS and OS X discussion to bake up the second year of CocoaConf in Ohio. The “conference for iPhone, iPad and Mac developers” made one of its five 2012 tour stops in Dublin, Ohio at the Crowne Plaza hotel. Approximately 100* eager local developers, industry luminaries and regionally respected consultants and authors converged for a full day of tutorials and two days of sessions from August 9th – 11th. Two more stops are planned this year in Portland, OR from October 25-27 and in Raleigh, NC at an undetermined date.

The conference kicked off on Thursday with full day tutorials taught by veteran speakers Bill Dudney and Chris Adamson. First day attendees had their choice of a full day learning either the nuts and bolts of iOS development (Dudney) or the advanced topic of programming with the Core Audio API (Adamson). If you were at Adamson’s Core Audio tutorial or just want to explore the code from it, you can get a zip of the sample project on his blog [Time code];.

Tutorials were followed up on Friday and Saturday with mostly 60 minute and a few 90 minute sessions. Topics ranged across the OS X and iOS APIs in both introductory and advanced fashion. Doses of standard programming practices such as debugging, profiling and testing and a generous portion of the latest developments in XCode 4.4 and Objective-C were handed out equally throughout the two days of sessions. You can check out a complete listing of sessions here.

To get the most current information on future events and registration details, visit You can view more images from the 2012 Columbus stop on

CocoaConf Columbus 2013?

Absolutely. The conference’s organizer, Dave Klein, gave me a definitive answer to that and other questions after this post was first published. Dave said that CocoaConf will definitely be back in Columbus in 2013, although most likely in early Fall. Dave is actively soliciting new speakers on the tour and loves to book your favorites. So if you have an iPhone/iPad/Mac developer guru that you would like to see on the tour next year just tweet your suggestion to @cocoaconf. And if you don’t see your nearest metropolitan area on the tour for 2012, you can suggest it here.

If you have attended a CocoaConf event in the past, let us know what you thought of it in the comments below.


* This number was originally 200 and was corrected on 8/20/2012.

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Help needed for new Scala user group in Michigan

Dianne Marsh, co-founder of SRT Solutions and of CodeMash fame, is starting up a new user group in Ann Arbor for anyone interested in the Scala programming language. The group’s name is Ann Arbor Scala Enthusiasts and will hold its inaugural meeting tomorrow, August 15th, at the SRT Solutions office in Ann Arbor. The group needs help on three fronts: participants, speakers and anyone willing to dole out some food money. As Dianne astutely mentions in a July blog post, “starving developers arriving at a meeting just after work is never a pretty sight”. So if you’re in the Ann Arbor area and interested in or intrigued by Scala, head out to the meeting tomorrow where you can help organize the group, pledge to speak at a future meeting or just show your support.

If you’re not yet familiar with Scala, Dianne has breathed life into the fantastic Scala Koans project. I’m sure this will come up soon at one of the group’s meetings, but the Koans are well-worth checking out on your own too.

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Introducing Graph Database – Dayton

Graph Database – Dayton is a new user group for, you guessed it, graph database users in the Dayton, Ohio area. If you’re at any stage as a practitioner of graph databases (think Neo4j) or are just curious about them this will be the place for you to get some good exposure. The group, which had its inaugural meeting on June 28th, is looking for more graphistas, as they call themselves, to join them as both speakers and attendees. You can keep up-to-date with events for Graph Database – Dayton on

The group’s organizer Kalen Howell (@kalensr on Twitter) provided MCM with an overview of the discussion on the 1 1/2 hour June 28th meeting:

We had an excellent time, had good conversation, ate pizza and went through the Introduction to Graph Databases slides.
  • Why Graphs?
    • Discussion on Big Data
    • Discussion on NoSQL
    • Comparison of NoSQL and RDMS 
  • What’s a graph database?
    • Graph basics
    • Nodes, edges, properties and relationships
  • How do people use Neo4j?
    • Neo4j history
    • Discussion on querying – Traversals versus Pattern Matching
    • Query language examples
    • Discussion on real world examples


Among other things, we are here to help user groups in Ohio and Michigan. If you organize a user group and want to publicize an event, send an email to and we will be happy to post a blog entry on your behalf.

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