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CocoaConf is Coming to Columbus

In the spirit of supporting the dev community in Ohio and Michigan, we’ll highlight appropriate local conferences and user groups. So for the first one, we’re introducing CocoaConf to you. Chris Judd, the Columbus Java User Group and Columbus iPhone Developers User Group leader, is also involved with CocoaConf and had this to say about it.

CocoaConf ( is returning to Columbus August 9-11th 2012. This is a conference for iOS and Mac developers or those interested in exploring iOS and/or Mac development. This conference is modeled after the popular No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) symposium tours. That means the conference travels around. Events have been held in Columbus, Raleigh, Chicago and Washington DC so far with future events scheduled for Portland and Raleigh again. This means that, instead of you traveling to the conference and incurring the travel expenses and time, the conference brings great speakers to you.

Speaking of great speakers, CocoaConf has an amazing line up of fantastic speakers that really know their stuff. Many of the speakers are published authors and well known app developers. Some of the speakers include Daniel Steinberg, author of iPad Programming and Cocoa Programming: A Quick-Start Guide for Developers, Chris Adamson, author of Core Audio and iPhone SDK Development, Bill Dudney, author of iPhone SDK Development and Core Animation, Saul Mora, NSBrief podcast, Jonathan Penn, Jeff Biggus, Mark Dalrymple and at the last event there were four speakers from the famous Big Nerd Ranch. CocoaConf is also focused on content. There is no vendors area distracting you from getting the most out of your time. The events consist of a full day of hands-tutorials and two days of multi track sessions on topics such as Objective-C, Core * (Foundation, Audio, Animation, Data, etc), Storyboards, debugging, performance tuning, testing and much much more. For the upcoming Columbus event there is an All Day iOS Tutorial and a new All Day Core Audio Tutorial.

 I have spoken at all but one of the CocoaConf events so far. Each event I learn something new thanks to the amazing speakers. One of my favorite things about the event is it is kept small and intimate giving everybody an opportunity to get to know the speakers and the other attendees.
So if you’re interested we encourage you to check it out. CocoaConf is one of many, many examples of what makes this region of the country maintain world-class developers.  You can keep up with the latest on CocoaConf on Twitter @CocoaConf.
If you have experience with attending CocoaConf, Columbus in the past, feel free to leave a comment below and share your experience.
Last but not least, you can check out the latest issue of Mashed Code Magazine here.

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