Summer Issue Published

The Summer issue is ready and, as always, this issue is free!

Obtaining the issue can be anywhere from a benign act to a feat of sheer geekery. Here are the methods at your disposal and the geek point boost you get for using each one:

+0 – Novice

Just click on a link….this one.

+10 – Novice, with account setup skills

Go to MagCloud to get the PDF as a download or on your iPad (with the MagCloud iPad app). Print versions are also available at MagCloud for $12.99.

+100 – Hip Git User

git clone

+1000 – Command Line Fu Master

wget --no-check-certificate --progress=bar \ \

We sincerely hope that you enjoy the magazine and find it useful. If you have any comments or questions, or want to report errata, comment below or send an email to



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5 responses to “Summer Issue Published

  1. dang, wget on my HP TouchPad doesn’t support https

    • thewonggei

      That’s a bummer. I tried dropping to HTTP on the URL but it just redirects back to the HTTPS port. But hey, we give out partial credit, so +500 to you just for trying!

  2. thewonggei

    Thanks to @quephird for the improved wget command.

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